Dan's Mother and Father raised him with gardening. Plants have always brought enjoyment to Dan.

His love of healing and love for the plant kingdom came together first, as a teenager, when Dan's Mother was recovering from cancer and

she volunteered with a group going to convalescent homes. The group was “Floratherapy”. 35 years later he joined his passions into "Floratherapy DRC" doing aromatherapy therapeutic blends and completed a level II certification from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.

In this section you will find recipes for juices, and aromatherapy essential oil blends that have proven useful for family, friends and clients. Some of the blends that are offered for you to try have brought relief for arthritis, joint pains, muscle pains, menstrual cramps, skin burn scars and skin sores. Aromatherapy uses the essential oils of plants to heal. Aromatherapy healing is effective on both physical and emotional levels. Along with the soft tissue manipulation of bodywork Dan may incorporate the use of essential oil blends.

Botanical.com is a rich source of information about many Plants. Mrs. Grieve includes plant descriptions, medicinal use, dosages and cultivation information. An excellent source for understanding where herbals and essential oils come from.