Herbal Remedies

   Herbal remedies are not new but they are receiving increased attention with the rise of alternative and traditional medicine. Herbs have been studied for their medicinal value for thousands of years. They are still a worthy compliment to scientific medicine. Indeed, many new medications have been developed by studying and analyzing these traditional remedies.

    Herbal medicine exists in every part of the inhabited world and in every culture. Herbals are used in the form of teas, powders, pills, ointments, tinctures and inhalants. They are traditional medicines which vary by locality. Throughout the world different plants grow and some are found in huge areas of the globe. As the native plants differ, so has the search for herbal medicinals. As the world shrinks and availability increases through modern transportation and communication, we are able to take advantage of remedies found in once isolated parts of the world. As each individual is unique we benefit by having a wide variety of herbs from all over the world available. One person may find a Native American traditional herbal remedy preferable while another for the same condition gets better results from a Chinese, Indian, Russian or Egyptian herbal remedy. Today some people are getting desirable results by blending herbals from different regions of the world. In the 21st century we are better able to utilize remedies from all over the world that have been developed over thousands of years.