• Went in for a lymphatic facial drainage massage and my face looks so slim and lifted and the bags under my eyes are completely gone.. I can't even believe it ! The owner and staff are really nice too.. :)

    Nancy H.

  • Had the lymph facial massage, cleared my sinuses up and I felt so much more relaxed. Not sure how the technicalities of this particular service help but I will definitely be back!

    Angora S.

  • Just got a lymph drainage massage and I can't believe the difference! Amazing! And the owner is very nice and answered all my holistic health questions. I will be coming back very soon!! :)

    D'Amico J.

How to use the Touch of Jade Rollers for beneficial lymphatic therapy.

The Touch of Jade roller gently moves the lymph, cooling the skin and stimulating the cells. It reduces inflammation and normalizes the immune system. Recovery from injury or surgery is speeded up. Sinus congestion may be relieved by doing a Touch of Jade facial.


The roller is moved with just the weight of the roller pressing the skin. No additional pressure is needed or of benefit. We always start lymphatic work by checking tension and releasing it at the thoracic ducts. Then check for congested lymph nodes and clear them if they will. Begin with the roller about an inch to an inch and a half above the clavicle. Roll towards the clavicle. After three rolls on the same place extend the starting point further from the clavicle, always rolling towards it slowly and repeating 3 times or more. Keep doing this until the throat, chin, and jaw have been rolled. At the lip line the direction changes. Roll towards the ear while working out to the center line of the face. The small roller on our double roller is used to work around nose and eyes. Continue until you reach the hairline. Benefits are the moving of lymph and increasing blood circulation for a healthy youthful appearance when used regularly.

Following dermabrasion peeling treatments the roller takes away the heat and reduces inflammation quickly.

For massage therapists the "Touch of Jade" Massage roller provides a unique facial and neck treatment stimulating the nervous & lymph systems for relaxation & skin tone.


The knobby roller makes anyone’s feet feel better. Add the treatment to a pedicure or for someone with lymphedema. The roller reduces swelling and stimulates tired feet.

Apply light pressure with the roller against the ball of the foot. Roll rowards the heel and repeat several times. The calves may be rolled also with the knobby roller but use less pressure. My father liked using this for his swollen feet. Clients have used it for friends and relatives post-op when pumps didn’t reduce foot and calf swelling.


The large roller is effective for rolling on the arm. For increasing lymph flow start near the armpit using the light pressure of the roller’s weight only. Do each strip slowly with light pressure working to extend to the elbow. As the set is completed move around the arm always rolling towards the shoulder. Once the upper arm is finished roll the lower arm towards the elbow. Begin about an inch and a half out and repeat 3 times. Work always toward the elbow extending the rolling until you reach the wrist. For nerve problems such as carpal tunnel simply roll with light pressure over the meaty side of the lower arm back and forth from wrist to elbow. This has brought relief from repetitive motion syndrome in office workers.

For the legs start below the inguinal ligament. Roll across the ligament. Once the hip is covered and you are on the leg, your direction should be towards the gracilis muscle medial edge. Follow the upper leg repetitious strokes by rolling the lower leg from towards the back of the knee. This facilitates the movement of lymph and drainage towards dense node locations in the body. It can reduce swelling and bruising, as well as, speeding injury and surgery recovery. I have found it useful for knee replacements and the rolling can be done immediately after surgery.


All healthy tissue depends on the lymph - The almost colorless fluid that bathes body tissues and is found in the lymphatic vessels that drain the tissues of interstitial fluid.. The lymph drains into lymph nodes which can get obstructed. Unlike the blood, lymph has no pump to push it through the body. It is moved simply by activity. Tight clothing such as socks, underpants and bras restrict the flow. There are many studies which indicate that this restriction may increase diseases of the breast. The breast is surrounded by large numbers of lymph nodes. They are located near the sternum and lower as well as upper lateral position and armpits.

Lying down on your back roll the medium roller lightly from the medial side of the nipple to the center of the sternum. Do each roll 3 to 6 times radiating like spokes of a wheel. From the upper lateral quadrant roll towards the armpit. The lower lateral quadrant should be rolled towards the side. This technique can reduce congestion and soreness associated with menstruation. Touch of Jade Lymphatic Therapy is excellent for reducing radiation burns. I often see the burn fade as I do the rolling. This is also effective for speeding recovery from surgeries.


Lymph drainage is best done daily to maintain healthy tissue and attractive skin. It can be done by yourself or a skin care/massage professional. I recommend daily use in problem areas. The advantage of a professional “Touch of Jade? Treatment is that you are much more relaxed and coverage is more complete. It is also easy and effective for care givers to do for patients or the elderly. Bed sores may be avoided by using the roller on the back and sides lightly. This should be done 2 to 3 times a week for the bedridden.

Cosmetologists, Estheticians and Massage Therapists might want to provide these services at least once per month to clients. Teach the client to use the roller for daily use between visits to get optimum benefits.

Look Good! Feel Good! Enjoy!