Juice Remedies

Another way of utilizing the properties of plants to heal is the drinking of vegetable and fruit juice. Like essential oils, juices are a concentrated use of the plants healing characteristics. I have personally benefited from the use of juices. I was suffering from arthritis 14 years ago. My knuckles were distorted and painful. Luckily I came upon a juice recipe that returned my hands to normal in only 10 days. I have recommended this recipe to others since then. Those who followed it daily for 10 days have had the same benefit as I. A word of caution, some people have found the concentrated raw juice too strong and suffered nausea or stomach pains. I do not know if this is a cure or suppressant. I was pain free for over a year after drinking the juice. When a twinge returned I used it again for 3 days and again was pain free, this time for three years. In 14 years I have used it four times.

Here is the recipe: using a juice extractor, juice the following together:

  • 4 parts carrot
  • 4 parts celery
  • 2 parts cucumber
  • 1 part beet

I prepared a pitcher at a time to use for several days. I drank an 8 ounce glassful morning and evening for 10 days the first time. Later I would drink it for 3 or 4 days until the pain went away. This return was rare. Others have told me they needed to repeat it after 3 years. To me this every few years treatment seems preferable to the daily arthritis strength aspirin I was using. And that gave me only slight relief.

If you try the juice please let me know how it worked for you.