On 1/21/05 Master Yun performed a demonstration of KMT techniques for neck and back pain. He introduced the demonstration with displays of energy work using the sword and fire. The demonstration was attended by over 50 guests and members of The World Pro Hwal Bup Do (KMT) Federation. California Professional College, a massage school in Los Angeles, hosted the event.

Master Yun and members of the World Pro Hwal Bup Do (KMT) Federation

Master Yun relieving a woman’s neck pain.

Master Yun relieving a woman’s neck pain.

This woman from the audience had low back pain and limited motion. When she bent backwards just a bit she experienced sharp pain. Following Master Yun’s application of KMT techniques for the back she was able to bend backwards in a long arch. Below are pictures of some of the movements in the techniques Master Yun used. The pictures illustrate applied acupressure and stretch.

Following the demonstration Master Yun signed copies of his new book on The Techniques and Energy System of Hwal Bup Do. Currently the book is only available in Korean, but an English translation is in the works. We are also working on a series of CDs to explain and illustrate the techniques.